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Mobility Management

Resource reservation

In the area of mobility management, our contribution concerns radio resource reservation for cellular based wireless systems. We proposed a Time-Bandwidth Reservation (TBR) scheme which consists of sending reservation requests to the neighboring cells based on real-time measures of mobile users (position, velocity and acceleration). The goal is to adjust the amount of time for which bandwidth is allocated and reserved in a cell. Such an adjustment enhances the global resource utilization efficiency and enables the systems to handle a greatest number of users. When compared to classical reservation strategies, our proposal lead to a clear improvement in terms of call dropping probability.

Mobile Networks

A mobile network (MONET) is a specific network which has the ability to move as a unit while maintaining its connectivity to Internet. Examples of such networks are those deployed in public transportation systems (buses, trains, taxis, etc.) allowing travelers to exchange information and access to the global Internet. Our main research topic in this area concerns radio resource management during mobility. We proposed a resource reservation strategy which can be used by the MONET's mobile router to prepare the grouped handover of all the supported traffic flows. This strategy is based on the predictive movement of MONET networks and showed good results in terms of lost packets and handover dropping probability.

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